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Custom Jobs

  •  Extremely Fast Turn Around Time
  • We will respond within 24 hours after we receive your inquiry and/or artwork. (Please check your junk or spam email folders, if you do not receive a response after 24 hours.)
  • After payment, we can create the pattern, make decals, and ship within 1 business day.
  • Domestic shipping is always free.


The cost for each custom job is based on the design, size, color, and quantity.

Check out our Custom Jobs Gallery for examples of custom orders we\’ve delivered.

  • Our minimum order for custom jobs is $35 total.
  • This includes the cost of decals and a one-time pattern fee.
  • We only charge the pattern fee for designs we don\’t already have. If additional decals for the same pattern are ordered in the future, in any color or size, you will not pay the pattern fee again.
  • Our pattern fee usually ranges between $10 – $15.

What Separates Us From the Rest

Many decal makers take shortcuts in creating their pattern by simply scanning an image and sending it straight to production to have it cut.

To ensure superior quality, we take the extra step of reviewing each pattern meticulously for flaws before we send it on to be produced. This means that we zoom in on the pattern and carefully fix any sharp points and lines that are crooked or jagged. This makes our decals resist edge lifts from normal wear and tear which extends the durability of the decal.

The material we use for our decals is second to none. With proper application, our decals are made to last for years.

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    Once we review your artwork we'll provide a custom quote.

    “These tapes are the boooomb!” – m. hernendez

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